Don’t ignore the importance of small jewelry

In summer, the cool dress may make your style look a bit monotonous, so, it is a good time for jewelry to display skills to the full. The role of fashion fake tiffany & co jewelry definitely more practical than you think, not only meet the collocation rules in daily dress, also has the fashion sense of current trend. Jewelry plays a key role on improving styling where on your neck, wrist, ears and fingers. In order to let the summer dress more fashionable, it’s important that grasp the importance of fashion trend of jewelry.

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Pearl jewelry, has undoubtedly become one of the most fashionable jewelry style. More and more designers like to make a big fuss on pearl. Single, double, or more pearls set in the tiffany and co necklace replica, deduce the fashion sense of modern design style. Every time Elina Halimi dress style will be become the focus of the street shot. She is wearing a simple white shirt with a pair of black trousers, showing a classic minimalist fashion sense, single pearl necklace hangs on her neck plays a decorative role, both simple and conform to the sense of elegant of overall modelling. Jewelry that is related to pearl always appears in the collocation of fashion people. A small replica tiffany pearl ring both simple and stylish, it can play a very good decorative effect when it is worn on the finger, and without any grandiose sense.

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Fashionable and unique wide fake tiffany 1837 bracelet is still the most popular style. Resin, metal, wood and other materials, each kinds of different materials will show a unique style. Even can wear more wide bracelets if you like exaggerated style, not only have a fashion sense while can enhance your image. Wear several wide bracelets with different materials and different colors, and match with striped T-shirt and jeans, the style of jewelry and clothes echoes each other, at the same time this collocation has 60, 70s vintage charm.

No matter which season, the eye-catching gold ornament is always the indispensable item in fashion jewelry. The replica Tiffany T wire bracelet that simple but have a sense of design is worn on between the wrist and finger can win the points for image. Olivia Palermo wears a simple stripe outfit, showing a stylish neutral charm, the 18k gold fake tiffany atlas bracelet on her wrist enhances the overall effect, perfectly combined intellectuality and fashion. If you know how to make good use of gold jewelry, your tie-in skill can be upgraded to a higher level.

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Do not think that the simple long necklace is no longer one of the fashion jewelry, the more simple the more classic. Exquisite and concise, not much exaggerated embellishment, that is often the best choice in the dress. If you want to create a different effect when wearing the simple return to tiffany replica necklace, can use overlapping method, a few simple but different necklaces hanging in front of the chest, both stylish and accord with the rules of collocation.

Just wearing one earring becomes one of the fashion trends in recent years. A single earring with the sense of design is more eye-catching than a pair of replica tiffany heart earrings. Whether it is the daily dress or attend the red carpet, single earring is leading the fashion trend. The unique design style of earring can enhance your overall image and temperament even if you wearing simple and monochrome clothes.

A grand star-studded Tiffany jewelry ceremony

With unlimited inspiration of “nature” as the theme, Tiffany & Co. “ode of nature” grand ceremony held in Beijing Phoenix media center tonight. Scene presents the natural scenery of Central Park in New York, advanced jewelry on display is dazzling, superb performances reflect the luxury of jewelry. Tonight is a star-studded grand meeting, Gao Yuanyuan, Michelle Yeoh, Sandra Ng, and Peter Chan, Greater China President Mr. Laurent Cathala, as well as design director Ms. Francesca Amfitheatrof were present at the event.
The classical courtyard iron gate, green grass with flowers, attends the event just like come to the New York Central Park. Since 178 years, nature is not only the extraordinary design inspiration of tiffany and co replica jewelry, also give Tiffany most precious and gorgeous gift – diamond and coloured gems.

Gao Yuanyuan attended the Tiffany celebration

Gao Yuanyuan attended the Tiffany celebration

The debut of Gao Yuanyuan as if a gust of wind blowing, she seems to be in a good mood after marriage. She wearing Stella McCartney black V dress with Tiffany victoria necklace replica and yellow diamond ring, not only embodies the noble and elegant but also show the playfulne and sweet of a small woman.

Zhang Zilin attended the Tiffany celebration

Zhang Zilin attended the Tiffany celebration

The champion of Miss world, Zhang Zilin recently appeared in a love TV show for her friend Liu Wen, her perfect figure curve and excellent temperament are amazing. At this event she wearing purple V long dress with value 60 million Tiffany & Co Morgan Stone Necklace, as well as diamond fake Tiffany victoria earrings, looks full of amorous feelings and noble temperament.

Peter Chan & Sandra Ng attended the Tiffany celebration

Peter Chan & Sandra Ng attended the Tiffany celebration

Peter Chan and Sandra Ng hand in hand appear every time, their sweet and free and easy often envy others. No wonder someone says, Sandra Ng is always the most beautiful on the red carpet as long as Peter Chan beside her. Their love lasted for nearly twenty years, without traditional rituals and weddings, but their inside still has a firm commitment, this is also the expression of Tiffany for modern love. Attend this grand ceremony, Sandra Ng wearing Tiffany Diamond Butterfly Brooch that was inspired by antique collection, the brooch is the symbol of a beautiful love.

Heard about that Ning Zetao is likely to miss the ceremony because of other matters. Fortunately, he ruled out thousands of difficult resistance came here, let us see his handsome face and perfect body. Dressed in a white suit, and wearing Pisces Brooch and Tiffany atlas replica bracelet, Ning Zetao captured the hearts of thousands of girls, he is the most handsome man in the world.

Francesca Amfitheatrof attended the Tiffany celebration

Francesca Amfitheatrof attended the Tiffany celebration in Beijing

This is Tiffany design director Francesca Amfitheatrof first time came to China, she wearing a white and black suit, shows her capable and experienced. Of course, she brings her first design work fake Tiffany T series, this work contains the women’s spirit of independence and freedom. 18k gold replica Tiffany T bracelet and Tiffany T rings worn on her body corresponds with her dress. As the leading role of the party, she elaborated her design ideas to the guests, and shows her latest designs. At the same time, she said that China is a country with a profound culture, she will integrate more Chinese elements to the design, and design a special style for Chinese customers.

A dialogue with Tiffany design director –

Tiffany & Co designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tiffany T designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tcoreplica Magazine: When did you decide to start designing replica tiffany and co jewelry and what’s your power source?
Amfitheatrof: I designed my first jewelry when I was 15. At that time I was in school, one day my teacher invited a jeweler to teach us, I was completely fascinated. I am deeply fascinated by modelling and function, because the excellent ductility of metal, and can be casting at will, so you can make any shape with it. Even now, when I’m on vacation, I will try to find time to visit jewelry stores, just like visit museums and galleries.

Tcoreplica Magazine: As a world traveler, are there any people, places or things become your source of inspiration for design?
Amfitheatrof: My growth experiences all over the world, I have been immersed in music, art, film and drama. I especially love Asian Art and pottery. In addition, I also lived in Italy for a period of time at a young age, beauty and art has been around me. In New York, people have strong energy, their dress style is interesting.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What is your favorite process in jewelry design?
Amfitheatrof: Each design I started from a dream, the dream stayed in my brain, until I draw it out. I love each stroke at the beginning of the creation, in those strokes everything can happen, your creative thinking will completely open. I like to draw a sketch with my own hands, so that the whole design process with a real touch. Turn a fresh idea into a perfect fake tiffany jewelry through technical and practical, I find pleasure within the entire design process. The other biggest satisfaction comes from I continuous improve a design, ultimately makes it become exactly what it should be.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Do you regard jewelry as an art form?
Amfitheatrof: The jewelry is the art that born for the body. Jewelry throughout different times, across different cultures. We use tiffany bracelet knockoffs dress up ourself and improve our style with it. It is a way to express your personality, sometimes even represent your social attributes, represent you with in a tangible, beautiful form.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Have you ever thought about a particular kind of woman when designing?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany women are full of vitality, they firmly be themselves, never stay in a rut. The modern style of Tiffany T square bracelet replica without compromise is designed for knowledgeable women, These women are pretty and intelligent, confident in their hearts and charm. Another point I like fake Tiffany T bracelet is that it belongs to everyone. Only about attitude, has nothing to do with age.

Tcoreplica Magazine: How would you describe your style?
Amfitheatrof: I like concise lines clothes, without cumbersome or redundant on design. I like to mix different patterns and colors in unusual ways. I am particularly focus on quality, but also the pursuit of some “Weird” details and a little surprise, it is a kind of unexpected “a stroke of genius” for me. Tiffany Jewelry is an important way you can show your style, it expresses who you are and others perception of you.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What qualities do you think are essential for you to achieve?
Amfitheatrof: Frankly, you need to be cruel to yourself. You also need plenty of energy and curiosity to be interested in new things and cutting-edge things. You should believe that you can open infinite possibilities.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What do you most appreciate in Tiffany’s design aesthetics?
Amfitheatrof: The Tiffany company always has great creator and dreamer since its inception. They have continued to break the boundaries of design, and open new possibilities. Such ideas and practices are closely connected with company founder Charles. He had laid the foundation of the company when others didn’t know the design concept, he is undoubtedly the trailbreaker and adventurer. In Tiffany company, today we still continue with his courage, vision and spirit. We get rid of the shackles of history and books, have unlimited freedom in design. Therefore, we constantly create rules and constantly break the rules we have created.

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18k gold fake Tiffany T jewelry

Tcoreplica Magazine: Why did you choose Tiffany T as the first design series after you joined Tiffany, what is your inspiration?
Amfitheatrof: “T” is naturally the take-off point after I joined Tiffany, is a very exciting starting point. “T” is a tribute to the brand name of Tiffany, its vertical lines and sharp edges also represent the energy and strength of the city of New York. Fake Tiffany T Series has a sense of sculpture, style is strong, has strongly associated with New York architecture. You can find a large number of New York elements in the design of replica Tiffany T pendant, New York is a field of Dreams that full of courage and innovation. In my opinion, There’s probably no place more exciting than New York.

Tcoreplica Magazine: About Tiffany T this new series, do you have any suggestions for collocation?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany T series presents endless possibilities of modelling collocation, gives consumers a interesting self-creative space. This series provides a rich design of different size, you can combine different styles with your own way to show your explicit style and express your inner thoughts. I think the most powerful is that you can mix in different sizes and different shapes of jewelry, create a sense of contrast, realize the collision. Tiffany T ring replica used 18k rose gold, white gold and excellent tractility of 925 silver. For customers who want to embody luxurious and modern style through expensive gems, I also specially designed multiple diamond styles.

Lv Yan encounter with Tiffany, unique charm transformed into a legendary style

There is a style, it never fails, spanning the times. After more than a century, it is still echoing in the hearts of modern women. This is Tiffany’s legendary style.
“Legend style is not static, but with a new way to interpret and continue the spirit.” Lv Yan said.
Nearly 180 years, Tiffany replica jewelry masterpieces contain strength, constantly giving women of all ages with infinite charm and timeless style, become their pure opinion of self perception and self expression, become a wonderful interpretation of their rich life story. In 2016, Tiffany cooperation with Lv Yan to witness every new chapter of her life. Distinctive and unique, Lv Yan proved to the world that there is more than one kind of beauty, The intuitive expression that close to the inner heart is the real style.
From a ignorant young model to a fashion brand pioneer. Time witnessed she transformed into an independent mature woman now. Understand how to change is the spiritual resonance between Lv Yan and Tiffany. The vintage, simple and elegant Tiffany Vicotira pendant replica shows noble and graceful temperament; Fake Tiffany T series to break the traditional impression, set off a simple modern new trend, When they worn on lv yan body, which reflects each other of the spirit of self-improvement.

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“The style of fake Tiffany T series simple, neutral, stylish, it heritage of the fine quality of Tiffany.” Lv Yan said. Transformation in the exploration, failure is never a shameful thing, she likes challenges. When modelling career becomes stable, Lv yan started to restless. So when she was 30 years old, Lv Yan founded her brand Comme Moi, started to learn and explore every link in the fashion industry chain. Knowing the hardships but boldly devoted himself to it, this is the instinctual tenacity and courage of Lv Yan.
Whether it is busy at work, or attend great events, Lv Yan always appeared with simple and generous style, because she believes that what makes you comfortable is the best. In addition to career success, Lv Yan is more enjoy herself as a mother and wife identity. Do the right thing at the right time, Lv Yan enjoys the change of lifestyle now.
The artistic tension of Lv Yan shows in front of camera is a kind of inherent self-confidence, as Tiffany T wire bracelet replica simple lines contain tremendous energy. Work in the fashion industry, Lv Yan has subverted the inherent definition of beauty in people’s heart, just like the Tiffany East West watch, bold innovations subverted the traditional perspective of reading time, completed the unique style that beyond the time itself.

Tiffany and countless women together lead the fashion trend that full of freedom, courage and endless innovation vigor for a hundred years. The unique cultural charm of each era blend in the fake Tiffany and co jewelry, become a microcosm of the classic fashion. Today, the charm of Tiffany has always rooted in the inheritance of style, encourages the women who honest and loyal to themself to express inner intuition, show off their distinctive style charm.

Tiffany Blue Christmas Dreams – bright world shine because of you

Charming Tiffany Christmas Window

Beautiful Tiffany Christmas Window

Tiffany Blue Christmas Dreams – bright world shine because of you
White snow swirling, bustling streets are brilliantly illuminated, Winter with romantic magic is the most happiness season of the years. People hang colorful lights on the Christmas tree, melodious carols resounded through the high streets and back lanes, laughter and love spread to every corner of the city. Well known Tiffany Christmas windows reach us in time. In the fairy tale scene, Tiffany and co replica jewelry into the most dazzling gift, releases the unique charm of the legendary blue.
In November 2016, Christmas Windows that converge romance and surprise in New York Fifth Avenue Tiffany flagship store opened again, Tiffany blue with the symbol of surprise and beauty to recount so many warm scene. In this full of miracles season, take romance and warmth to every corner of the city.
On this romantic season, Tiffany signature Christmas creative short film that played by Elle Fanning, present out aesthetic, warm and bright. Tiffany 2016 Christmas Windows is created by a brilliant composer Christopher Young, with the Christmas scene of New York City as the theme, with beautiful and exquisite romantic scenes depicting the warm and happy of Christmas season, to celebrate the festive season that express love with tiffany and co replica jewelry.
The window design is using colorful crayons, shimmering metallic pigments and Tiffany Blue as well as pure snow white, imaginative design details everywhere, and agglomerate the dazzling brilliance and romantic charm. Perfectly froze the magical charm of Christmas and infinite surprises of New York.
Tiffany extends New York’s dreamy Christmas atmosphere to another charming city – Shanghai. The bright blue Christmas tree that contains precious holiday traditions stands upright in Shanghai Hongkong Square. The Tiffany blue box that symbolizes the dream comes true around the Christmas tree is the most romantic surprise in winter holiday. You will palpitate with excitement when you gently open the elegant and pure white ribbon, fake Tiffany jewellery lit city night scene with great love and happiness.

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white gold fake tiffany t square bracelet with diamonds

Through the beautiful romantic Christmas window, colorful Tiffany gifts presented visually. Fake Tiffany T series with smooth contour mapping New York architectural style, show the mind-blowing aesthetic energy and self-personality; Tiffany Keys pendant replica strengthens inner strength, collects warm in the winter; replica Tiffany victoria earrings shines pure brilliance, perfect illustration of unique deep love; Tiffany Infinity and Bow series elegant design gives women exquisite charm, is the maintenance of love and hope.
Seasonal changes give each city a different scene, the gorgeous scene of Tiffany’s Christmas window presents the precious inspiration and recollection of the brand. The charm of New York concentrated in the bright and gorgeous Tiffany Christmas window, fresh and alive, reflects the brand 180 years of legendary style.