Jewelry should advocate green low-carbon life

If you still don’t know anything about “low-carbon lifestyle”, that you are definitely out of style. “Low Carbon” has been disseminated to the fashion industry. In the jewelry conferences, the popularity of ceramic and enamel Tiffany and co replica jewelry is the best proof.

fake tiffany and co enamel jewelry

Environmental tiffany and co replica jewelry with enamel materials

You don’t have to stop wearing those luxurious jewelry, but should to know how to make good use it, and make fake Tiffany jewelry to play its biggest energy. Of course, if you can often wear jewelry start from ordinary life, such as a ring with glass, a pure hand-made cloth necklace, let the concept of “low carbon” deep into each piece of jewelry, and let it become the different fashion in your heart.

As we can see and hear, “low carbon” has been filled with every corner of life. Look at the fashion model, the Mattau this natural grain was decorated into gorgeous earrings; the cotton necklace around her neck is so light and fashion, even if winding several circles, the weight will not let people feel unbearable. The clever creatures in nature are transformed into fashionable jewelry by designer’s hands.

Although “low carbon” has become the most common words in the streets and lanes, but add it to the front of the jewelry, sometimes it can’t be touched. Now let us see what really low-carbon jewelry!

As the soul of jewelry, there is no doubt that the first is material. Those pure stones without cutting and grinding, and make them into jewelry with the original shape. Those organic materials that can be recycled, and even renewable, such as shell, coral, conch and pearl. Designers with nature for inspiration, combined with environmental protection, give tiffany and co replica jewelry a warm perceptual element.

The new concise style with a “green” means was gathering steam from 2010. In fact, it is the deep understanding for luxury, designers advocate to the classical regression while at the same time emphasising on the line sense of design itself. This tends to excavate the rich history and tradition, and looking for rich inspiration from nature, which makes “low-carbon” jewelry become more plentiful.

In today’s jewelry making, many programs are done by robots, the part of the handmade has become less and less, so we began to wear the same industrial jewelry. These are not the spirit that “low carbon” advocated. Those designers who insist on using hands to make jewelry, painting, colouring and other processes are completed by hand, maximum to reduce carbon emissions in production. Not only that, more can make these colorful jewelry “unique”.

A dialogue with Tiffany design director –

Tiffany & Co designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tiffany T designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tcoreplica Magazine: When did you decide to start designing replica tiffany and co jewelry and what’s your power source?
Amfitheatrof: I designed my first jewelry when I was 15. At that time I was in school, one day my teacher invited a jeweler to teach us, I was completely fascinated. I am deeply fascinated by modelling and function, because the excellent ductility of metal, and can be casting at will, so you can make any shape with it. Even now, when I’m on vacation, I will try to find time to visit jewelry stores, just like visit museums and galleries.

Tcoreplica Magazine: As a world traveler, are there any people, places or things become your source of inspiration for design?
Amfitheatrof: My growth experiences all over the world, I have been immersed in music, art, film and drama. I especially love Asian Art and pottery. In addition, I also lived in Italy for a period of time at a young age, beauty and art has been around me. In New York, people have strong energy, their dress style is interesting.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What is your favorite process in jewelry design?
Amfitheatrof: Each design I started from a dream, the dream stayed in my brain, until I draw it out. I love each stroke at the beginning of the creation, in those strokes everything can happen, your creative thinking will completely open. I like to draw a sketch with my own hands, so that the whole design process with a real touch. Turn a fresh idea into a perfect fake tiffany jewelry through technical and practical, I find pleasure within the entire design process. The other biggest satisfaction comes from I continuous improve a design, ultimately makes it become exactly what it should be.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Do you regard jewelry as an art form?
Amfitheatrof: The jewelry is the art that born for the body. Jewelry throughout different times, across different cultures. We use tiffany bracelet knockoffs dress up ourself and improve our style with it. It is a way to express your personality, sometimes even represent your social attributes, represent you with in a tangible, beautiful form.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Have you ever thought about a particular kind of woman when designing?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany women are full of vitality, they firmly be themselves, never stay in a rut. The modern style of Tiffany T square bracelet replica without compromise is designed for knowledgeable women, These women are pretty and intelligent, confident in their hearts and charm. Another point I like fake Tiffany T bracelet is that it belongs to everyone. Only about attitude, has nothing to do with age.

Tcoreplica Magazine: How would you describe your style?
Amfitheatrof: I like concise lines clothes, without cumbersome or redundant on design. I like to mix different patterns and colors in unusual ways. I am particularly focus on quality, but also the pursuit of some “Weird” details and a little surprise, it is a kind of unexpected “a stroke of genius” for me. Tiffany Jewelry is an important way you can show your style, it expresses who you are and others perception of you.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What qualities do you think are essential for you to achieve?
Amfitheatrof: Frankly, you need to be cruel to yourself. You also need plenty of energy and curiosity to be interested in new things and cutting-edge things. You should believe that you can open infinite possibilities.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What do you most appreciate in Tiffany’s design aesthetics?
Amfitheatrof: The Tiffany company always has great creator and dreamer since its inception. They have continued to break the boundaries of design, and open new possibilities. Such ideas and practices are closely connected with company founder Charles. He had laid the foundation of the company when others didn’t know the design concept, he is undoubtedly the trailbreaker and adventurer. In Tiffany company, today we still continue with his courage, vision and spirit. We get rid of the shackles of history and books, have unlimited freedom in design. Therefore, we constantly create rules and constantly break the rules we have created.

replica tiffany t collection in 18k gold

18k gold fake Tiffany T jewelry

Tcoreplica Magazine: Why did you choose Tiffany T as the first design series after you joined Tiffany, what is your inspiration?
Amfitheatrof: “T” is naturally the take-off point after I joined Tiffany, is a very exciting starting point. “T” is a tribute to the brand name of Tiffany, its vertical lines and sharp edges also represent the energy and strength of the city of New York. Fake Tiffany T Series has a sense of sculpture, style is strong, has strongly associated with New York architecture. You can find a large number of New York elements in the design of replica Tiffany T pendant, New York is a field of Dreams that full of courage and innovation. In my opinion, There’s probably no place more exciting than New York.

Tcoreplica Magazine: About Tiffany T this new series, do you have any suggestions for collocation?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany T series presents endless possibilities of modelling collocation, gives consumers a interesting self-creative space. This series provides a rich design of different size, you can combine different styles with your own way to show your explicit style and express your inner thoughts. I think the most powerful is that you can mix in different sizes and different shapes of jewelry, create a sense of contrast, realize the collision. Tiffany T ring replica used 18k rose gold, white gold and excellent tractility of 925 silver. For customers who want to embody luxurious and modern style through expensive gems, I also specially designed multiple diamond styles.