Male jewelry market has gradually formed but now still blankness

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With the development of economy and the increases of people’s life quality, male Tiffany replica jewelry has begun favored by more and more male who pursuit of life quality and taste. Reporter visited the major jewelry store in New York to learn the details of male jewelry market.

After visited the major shopping malls and knockoff Tiffany jewellery shops, reporter found that all kinds of female jewelry are placed in a prominent position, the style is too much to make people dazzling, but there is only a few male jewelry in the counters. The variety of male jewelry not only less, but the style is single.

Industry insiders said that now most jewelry manufacturers regard the main focus on R & D and innovation of female ornaments, and regard the development and promotion of male jewelry as a by-product, thus resulting in a single male jewelry varieties and styles. After all, women pay more attention to the external beauty than men.

But according to market research shows that the male jewelry consumers have been increasing. The formation of the male jewelry market is closely related to the consumption idea and market changes. Men’s enthusiasm for Sterling Silver Tiffany jewelry replica is slowly rising with the progress of the times.
Jewelry store staff told reporter. “Male jewelry at this stage is made up primarily of diamonds, platinum and gold. Now diamonds, gold jewelry added more male element, whether a single item or couple styles, all full of masculine charm.”

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The jewelry men bought is mainly focused on gold replica Tiffany 1837 necklaces and rings. Compared to female jewelry, male jewelry design work face is large, and appears straightforward and generous. Young men like exquisite and fashionable style, the middle-aged men prefer grand style.

Compared with the fierce competition in the female jewelry market, male jewelry market has a broad space. According to a survey by the World Gold Council, at present, 29% gold buyers are men, only thirty percent among them are buying for themselves to wear. The main reason is that the Tiffany & co jewelry replica that designed specifically for men is too less, if more designers can take their attitude that like treat female jewelry to design male jewelry which will greatly stimulate the male jewelry market.