Do you want to open my heart with a key? Then I will lock your love

Speaking of those classic shape that was often used in the jewelry design, it must have a lock and key. Regardless of China and foreign countries, which have these beautiful jewelry with good meaning. It can be said that the traditional ring is can be best to express the commitment that couples never leave each other. Now, designers are not just satisfied with the original shape, they play out many new tricks on the basis of the concept of protect love.
Believe that many buddies had worn longevity lock. Are there some people who always wear longevity lock until to adult, and it become the jewelry that accompanies them longest time? Longevity lock is generally made of silver or gold. Children wear longevity lock jewelry tiffany replica is the custom that Chinese parents expect it to ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and ill health, and “lock” the life. Therefore, lock has a “longevity” auspicious meaning in Chinese folk.

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replica return to tiffany heart pendant with lock and key

Sometimes lock is also taken as the jewelry to express the loyal love. There is a folklore that if matchmaker fastens a love lock on a pair of lovers, the couple will never separate. So the love lock is often used as a wedding present for the bride in the ancient. The magic is that Chinese and Western culture is interlinked in some ways, lock modeling with good moral is a good example. The lock is also used to express love in Western Culture.
In the Western Folk Culture, two loving people will go to some love sacred places to “lock” their love with a lock, one of the most famous places is the Paris Bridge, it is called the “heart bridge” in China. Lovers will lock their love on the bridge, then throw the key into the river to show the loyalty of love.
Key modeling jewelry often appears with locks jewelry. The same is to express love, keys usually contain the meaning of recognizing your wishes and open the lover’s heart. Couple often take replica tiffany & co jewelry with lock and key jewelry as a token of love. Two persons wear different part of jewelry when they separate temporary, the heart has been “locked” by each other, this way is given each other a commitment. Which means protect love, until two persons reunion together can open the “heart lock” of each other.
If say the most famous keys jewelry, have to mention the famous American jewelry brand Tiffany’s Keys Series. Tiffany retains the beautiful shape of the antique keys, and annotates with a variety of precious metals and gemstones, to creat small and exquisite pendants, now many people regard Tiffany keys necklace replica as a gift to commemorate the precious love.

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In addition to Keys collection, the key modeling is also used in classic Return To Tiffany series. The small key with iconic silver heart tag to achieve the eternal return to tiffany heart key pendant replica. But the key will lose meaning if without the lock. In order to match with the keys collection, the Tiffany Locks series emerged as the lover’s requires. If your lover sends you the tiffany keys pendant, you can send her/him a fake tiffany locks bangle in return.
Valentine’s Day is coming, I believe that a lot of lovers, especially the lovers in different places, you will see the person that you thought all day soon. Maybe you need more courage to face your true heart, bravely take a step towards the man you love. Then you may really need such a lock jewelry to “lock” your love or a key jewelry to “open” your heart.