The significance of jewelry is brings women infinite charm

A girl who loves beauty and pursuit of quality of life, if economic conditions permit, and if there are not a few pieces of jewels in her jewelry box, it is not justified in any case. Tiffany Jewelry as the girl’s favorite thing in the world, not only an important symbol of fashion, also is the perfect embodiment of love life and full of vitality.

The vivid of Tiffany jewelry is first reflected in “feeling”, like a pair of young lovers adore each other. When they exchange solemn vows and pledges, and decide to together forever, the boy always gives the girl a love token. This item may be a small and exquisite gold ring, could also be a glittering gold necklace. But whatever the boy sends the girl is precious jewelry or cheap replica tiffany jewelry, all are priceless for the girl.

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Once read such a beautiful romantic love story, called “grass ring”. It said that there is a boy fell in love with a beautiful and innocent girl, but the boy is a poor man, he hasn’t a stable job, he has no ability to give his beloved girl a gold tiffany t ring replica. So he weaves a grass ring with grass, and put it on the girl’s finger. The girl so excited that the bright tears flashed on her eyes, she felt very satisfied and happy. For a pair of lovers, the significance of a grass ring and a gold ring is no different. Which means any jewelry once marked with the brand of love or emotion, it will become more beautiful, and difficult to forget it.

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Tiffany Replica Jewelry can convey the pure and warm love, more can the graceful body and noble and pure heart of women. In the final analysis, the birth of each kind of jewelry, all contains aesthetic tendency. It is only worn on the suitable woman’s body that can reflects infinite light. Every woman’s choice of jewelry, just proves the aesthetic trend that she can not hide. For example, the young and lively girls like to wear an exaggerated necklace, dignified and refined woman like to wear 925 silver replica tiffany heart necklace, mature middle-aged women love to wear exquisitely carved jade bracelet. It’s not double that this kind of harmony becomes a bright spot on their body that they can’t ignore. This perfect harmony and unity of people and things, just properly released the extraordinary temperament of women who wear jewelry. So the choice and wear of jewelry, not only have closely related with woman’s temperament and interest, but more related to their age. Like 50 years old mature woman, if she wear a simple and stylish silver fake tiffany & co necklace on her neck, the kind of charm of mature woman will be greatly reduced.

Tiffany Replica Jewelry is a woman’s favorite thing, all jewels seem should be the symbol of refined and elegant, and not anything else. If take jewelry as the symbol of status, identity, or wealth, then the beauty of jewelry will be buried. It is not only the sorrow of jewelry, but also the sorrow of the woman who wearing jewelry. Because all of real jewels should be a poetic props of emotion, it only represents the universal good feelings of human, the magic of jewelry can be fully demonstrated, otherwise it is possible to bring the stench of money to the people who wearing jewelry.

A cultured woman wears Tiffany jewelry can vividly express their own charm. The world is wonderful because of women, and the women’s world become more exciting because of the embellishment of a variety of Tiffany jewelry. The kind of elegant and refined beauty, finally let us know that Tiffany jewelry is born for the lovely woman.

3 Reasons of select Tiffany to eulogize mordern love

True love is not absolute standards, you will be moved if feel with your heart.
Love has turned out with different forms and performance regardless of age, race, gender even modern, but the only constant is the obsession and determination that beyond time. In real life, it is love that makes us go forward hind-in-hand even though meet all kinds of troubles, and still enjoy the pleasure even if raining. So, when love appears, that moment that illuminates the eternal bright will be able to let a person know in a glance, and say the words with all your deep feeling,”Will you marry me?”

No matter your love exists in what form, there is only one way to treat love sincerely, that is using the diamond ring that praises the eternal promise to lock the love fate. Therefore, all of the world’s greatest love stories are closely connected with that indispensable diamond ring.
As the eternal love token, Tiffany replica diamond engagement ring is always the first choice for couples. So, where is the unique place of this “global diamond authority” diamond engagement ring? Let’s announce the answers.

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No.1 the Stringent diamond standard of ‘Global diamond authority’
The reason why diamond  can become the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, which is derived from tiffany is far beyond the industry standard for tougher diamond selection principle. in all diamond jewellers, among 99.96% is under the standard of Tiffany. Stringent selection criteria so that only 0.04% of diamonds are lucky to have the name of “Tiffany”, to celebrate the love, the eternal classic fake Tiffany soleste ring is definitely the first choice.

No.2 The super gorgeous diamond bloom 5C light
The beauty and brilliance of Tiffany Diamond depend on Cutting Technology. Tiffany diamond cutting masters with precision cutting to demonstrate the most dazzling light of each diamond, and requires complete symmetry, do not allow any mistake, they created a higher 5C standard beyond the 4C industry standard, which make the bright of Tiffany diamond more shine, just like the love that light the life and warm the heart.

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No.3 Tiffany diamond identification
The “Tiffany diamond identification” will be attached to each Tiffany diamond ring, that is the lifetime quality guarantee of Tiffany diamond. Not only bright and beautiful, Tiffany more keeps the promise of moral exploitation. And it is this responsibility and commitment make diamond Tiffany Victoria ring replica shining endlessly, honest and reliable, as like the responsibility and dedication of love, can be reflected in the heart.

As like each pair of unique lovers, cheap Tiffany engagement ring and wedding ring also have their own characteristics. Each one is shown the peerless ultimate aesthetic and timeless design style, and supporting love and commitment. Only this replica tiffany metro ring is worth having the sustenance of love, and bearing in mind the promise of life. The arrival of true love is so magical that it is worth to celebrate and care for the rest of our lives. Freeze-frame commitment and guard true love, only this Tiffany diamond ring.

A dialogue with Tiffany design director –

Tiffany & Co designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tiffany T designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tcoreplica Magazine: When did you decide to start designing replica tiffany and co jewelry and what’s your power source?
Amfitheatrof: I designed my first jewelry when I was 15. At that time I was in school, one day my teacher invited a jeweler to teach us, I was completely fascinated. I am deeply fascinated by modelling and function, because the excellent ductility of metal, and can be casting at will, so you can make any shape with it. Even now, when I’m on vacation, I will try to find time to visit jewelry stores, just like visit museums and galleries.

Tcoreplica Magazine: As a world traveler, are there any people, places or things become your source of inspiration for design?
Amfitheatrof: My growth experiences all over the world, I have been immersed in music, art, film and drama. I especially love Asian Art and pottery. In addition, I also lived in Italy for a period of time at a young age, beauty and art has been around me. In New York, people have strong energy, their dress style is interesting.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What is your favorite process in jewelry design?
Amfitheatrof: Each design I started from a dream, the dream stayed in my brain, until I draw it out. I love each stroke at the beginning of the creation, in those strokes everything can happen, your creative thinking will completely open. I like to draw a sketch with my own hands, so that the whole design process with a real touch. Turn a fresh idea into a perfect fake tiffany jewelry through technical and practical, I find pleasure within the entire design process. The other biggest satisfaction comes from I continuous improve a design, ultimately makes it become exactly what it should be.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Do you regard jewelry as an art form?
Amfitheatrof: The jewelry is the art that born for the body. Jewelry throughout different times, across different cultures. We use tiffany bracelet knockoffs dress up ourself and improve our style with it. It is a way to express your personality, sometimes even represent your social attributes, represent you with in a tangible, beautiful form.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Have you ever thought about a particular kind of woman when designing?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany women are full of vitality, they firmly be themselves, never stay in a rut. The modern style of Tiffany T square bracelet replica without compromise is designed for knowledgeable women, These women are pretty and intelligent, confident in their hearts and charm. Another point I like fake Tiffany T bracelet is that it belongs to everyone. Only about attitude, has nothing to do with age.

Tcoreplica Magazine: How would you describe your style?
Amfitheatrof: I like concise lines clothes, without cumbersome or redundant on design. I like to mix different patterns and colors in unusual ways. I am particularly focus on quality, but also the pursuit of some “Weird” details and a little surprise, it is a kind of unexpected “a stroke of genius” for me. Tiffany Jewelry is an important way you can show your style, it expresses who you are and others perception of you.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What qualities do you think are essential for you to achieve?
Amfitheatrof: Frankly, you need to be cruel to yourself. You also need plenty of energy and curiosity to be interested in new things and cutting-edge things. You should believe that you can open infinite possibilities.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What do you most appreciate in Tiffany’s design aesthetics?
Amfitheatrof: The Tiffany company always has great creator and dreamer since its inception. They have continued to break the boundaries of design, and open new possibilities. Such ideas and practices are closely connected with company founder Charles. He had laid the foundation of the company when others didn’t know the design concept, he is undoubtedly the trailbreaker and adventurer. In Tiffany company, today we still continue with his courage, vision and spirit. We get rid of the shackles of history and books, have unlimited freedom in design. Therefore, we constantly create rules and constantly break the rules we have created.

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Tcoreplica Magazine: Why did you choose Tiffany T as the first design series after you joined Tiffany, what is your inspiration?
Amfitheatrof: “T” is naturally the take-off point after I joined Tiffany, is a very exciting starting point. “T” is a tribute to the brand name of Tiffany, its vertical lines and sharp edges also represent the energy and strength of the city of New York. Fake Tiffany T Series has a sense of sculpture, style is strong, has strongly associated with New York architecture. You can find a large number of New York elements in the design of replica Tiffany T pendant, New York is a field of Dreams that full of courage and innovation. In my opinion, There’s probably no place more exciting than New York.

Tcoreplica Magazine: About Tiffany T this new series, do you have any suggestions for collocation?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany T series presents endless possibilities of modelling collocation, gives consumers a interesting self-creative space. This series provides a rich design of different size, you can combine different styles with your own way to show your explicit style and express your inner thoughts. I think the most powerful is that you can mix in different sizes and different shapes of jewelry, create a sense of contrast, realize the collision. Tiffany T ring replica used 18k rose gold, white gold and excellent tractility of 925 silver. For customers who want to embody luxurious and modern style through expensive gems, I also specially designed multiple diamond styles.

What is the problem of Tiffany sales decline?

Tiffany & CO., once stimulated the romantic feelings of global women, but now is experiencing the biggest decline in quarterly sales since the 2008 economic crisis. Tiffany& Co. recently released 2016 first quarter earnings reports, it shows that Tiffany’s global net sales fell 7.4% to $891 million, net profit of $87.5 million, down by 16.6% year-on-year. Tiffany official attributed the performance problem directly to the dollar appreciation led to the large-scale reduction of consumption of foreign tourists in the American market. The U.S. market accounted for 50% of total revenue in Tiffany, and the exchange rate fluctuations seriously affect its profit settlement. But the fact is that in November and December 2015 in this important holiday season, the sales of Tiffany and co replica jewelry also fell 6% year-on-year, the sales also fell by 3% even if settled at a fixed exchange rate.

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Does the brand recognition of Tiffany has decreased in people’s heart. The answer is no.
Salina was proposed to her boyfriend, she received a Tiffany six claw heart-shaped diamond ring, she very like, this is an engagement ring that she always dreams to get. She first recognized the brand is through the film “Tiffany’s breakfast”, but there is a little contradictory, Salina didn’t want their engagement rings tiffany replica is the same as the others. After all, there have been three female colleagues of proposing diamond ring are from Tiffany.
This contradictory mood just reflects the Tiffany may have been some problems, although these diamonds rings can contribute $4 billion in sales each year, but the younger generation will be more concerned about the uniqueness that consumption brings. Young people don’t want to be labeled, they don’t want to their engagement ring can be seen everywhere even if they agree with the brand image of fake Tiffany & co ring in the market.
But on the other hand, Tiffany does not have other similar product lines to support or hedge the company’s overall performance. Tiffany as a single brand, in addition to selling wedding rings and jewelry products, only has the Home Furnishing this one business. The benefits of a focused business is that a single brand growth trend is not easily diluted, the downside is that attenuation trend will be magnified.


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The relatively low price of silver tiffany and co replica jewelry once saved the brand, and these series have been constantly launched new products. The value of jewelry brand is from its product concept, series and design. Chinese consumer groups more focus on the basis value of jewelry, the people who willing to pay for the design is rare. The problem has also been magnified with the economic downturn. Consumers are getting smarter and their choices are growing. If the premium of jewelry is too high, they may give up.
Even the holiday gift this market has been brought sales growth to Tiffany, also faced with the crisis in recent years. You may have noticed that the big category of jewelry has not been included in the “best Christmas Gift Top 5” list for a long time. A younger generation with relatively strong consumer intentions is more willing to spend money on UAVs, balance cars, travel tickets, wearable devices and other look cooler and more interesting products. Even the innovative products that once saved Tiffany from 1970s to 1980s – relatively inexpensive silver jewelry also cannot improve the situation.
In a Reuters report, Tiffany was called as “The old world luxury”. Famous Luxury department stores group president also a similar view. He believes that the consumer world has entered a new luxury era. In the first quarter of the past, the overall performance of the U.S. retail downturn. One of the important reasons is that people spend more on tourism, entertainment and other experiential consumer industries, rather than the single functional apparel accessories market.

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Fake Tiffany T series launched in 2015, the sales good, it is also an attempt that get rid of the label of gift. In addition to bringing fresh and personalized products and services to consumers, the core of new luxury consumption must also establish an emotional connection with them. Social media has been so developed, consumers will no longer be willing to passively accept or cater to the brand through the offline and the traditional media to receive information. In other words, a lot of luxury stores have long relied on the VIP membership and maximum security to create a high-end market, these practices have been unable to impress the current consumer groups.
But complaining about the bad economic environment cannot give Tiffany any benefits, she must be accelerated to find new profit point. But want to change the status quo, the first thing is to get rid of the gift label of 180 years of brand image. That is to say, you have to allow consumers to buy their own products, rather than always pick gifts for others.
In 2015, Tiffany’s new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof released her first design series- Tiffany T. This series does not set with a lot of gemstone elements, but combine the design of  replica Tiffany T bracelet with the T logo. This series of target customers is the urban women who pursuit of freedom and independence, but there is also many men are attracted by it. This series is as popular as Tiffany expected, but the official did not disclose specific sales figures.
Tiffany T ring replica maintained strong growth momentum, but did not as expect that boosting Tiffany’s other jewelry sales growth. Like all companies in the doldrums, Tiffany started downsizing at the end of last year to cut costs, and increased the price of existing high-end products to adjust its product structure, as well as increased quarterly marketing budget and intensity.
Actively take same-sex couples into popular consumer group could be the right thing Tiffany did last year. Tiffany has launched a highly acclaimed engagement ad for same-sex couples, they find the real same-sex partners in real life to play “Love Without Limits” this advertising, then launched a simple without diamonds replica Tiffany Atlas ring as new product to facing this group, the market reaction is also good.
To win time for these new market means, Tiffany has begun to transfer the investment to the places where there is still have the demand for Tiffany from the North America this core market, such as the mainland China market that sustained steady growth over the past 5 years. Tiffany senior vice President has recently said to the media that they are going to continue and accelerate set up shop in China. This transfer process can provide buffering for the drop of Tiffany, allowing it enough time to find a more correct solution.