Creative jewelry is the selection of queen

Woman stepping on buzzing high heels, held all kinds of limited designer handbags, and wear a slinky dress. Even that you may not be able to create an amazing style of queen. In fact, a piece of outstanding and creative tiffany & co replica jewelry will let you immediately become the focus of all. Whether in the busy street or in lifeless office, the whole world will be lit up in an instant because of your existence.
Independent, rich, persistent, true self, is there something missing for a perfect woman? Carrie has a famous saying in “Sex And The City”,”Woman standing on high heels can see the whole world”. Here we shall speak aloud. “women have the whole world when wearing the tiffany and co jewelry replica“. Sarah has elegant temperament and independent personality, she is the charm representative of mature goddess, fashionable modern Tiffany jewelry is used well with ease on her body. Don’t you understand? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have love, but you can’t live without style.

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Rihanna is definitely the color queen in the R&B music industry. Exaggerated red color and fluffy hair let her aura up to overflow, her strong ability to control bright-coloured lets her whole body flowing sexy breath like pulse wave. Rihanna has been recognized by the audience since his debut in 2005, even got the runner-up on the U.S Billboard Awards in 2007, since then she known as R & B queen. She not only knows how to sing more knows how to dress up herself, also won the title of a fashion icon. She so far has a special liking for 18k gold fake tiffany heart earrings since her debut, in this rapidly changing era, insist on self is the most valuable.
Do you think that only put yourself into the evening dress is the good temperament model? Only wearing the replica tiffany victoria necklace that studded with diamonds can confidently through the red carpet? Then you’re wrong!

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Don’t be afraid to be a high profile. Madonna is a famous singer who has a strong personality, profligate and unrestrained, her unique style is the magic key to create the myth that has been popular for 30 years in music circles. A simple and shiny 18k metal Tiffany T square bracelet replica is the standard configuration of this great Rock queen, only the exaggerated luxurious earrings can match the name of Madonna.
The reason why these women can become queen, not only because they are very good in one respect, it is important that they know how to shape their own style, and always insists on doing the most authentic self. If you want to be a queen like them, then start from the collocation of dress and accessory.

A dialogue with Tiffany design director –

Tiffany & Co designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tiffany T designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

Tcoreplica Magazine: When did you decide to start designing replica tiffany and co jewelry and what’s your power source?
Amfitheatrof: I designed my first jewelry when I was 15. At that time I was in school, one day my teacher invited a jeweler to teach us, I was completely fascinated. I am deeply fascinated by modelling and function, because the excellent ductility of metal, and can be casting at will, so you can make any shape with it. Even now, when I’m on vacation, I will try to find time to visit jewelry stores, just like visit museums and galleries.

Tcoreplica Magazine: As a world traveler, are there any people, places or things become your source of inspiration for design?
Amfitheatrof: My growth experiences all over the world, I have been immersed in music, art, film and drama. I especially love Asian Art and pottery. In addition, I also lived in Italy for a period of time at a young age, beauty and art has been around me. In New York, people have strong energy, their dress style is interesting.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What is your favorite process in jewelry design?
Amfitheatrof: Each design I started from a dream, the dream stayed in my brain, until I draw it out. I love each stroke at the beginning of the creation, in those strokes everything can happen, your creative thinking will completely open. I like to draw a sketch with my own hands, so that the whole design process with a real touch. Turn a fresh idea into a perfect fake tiffany jewelry through technical and practical, I find pleasure within the entire design process. The other biggest satisfaction comes from I continuous improve a design, ultimately makes it become exactly what it should be.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Do you regard jewelry as an art form?
Amfitheatrof: The jewelry is the art that born for the body. Jewelry throughout different times, across different cultures. We use tiffany bracelet knockoffs dress up ourself and improve our style with it. It is a way to express your personality, sometimes even represent your social attributes, represent you with in a tangible, beautiful form.

Tcoreplica Magazine: Have you ever thought about a particular kind of woman when designing?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany women are full of vitality, they firmly be themselves, never stay in a rut. The modern style of Tiffany T square bracelet replica without compromise is designed for knowledgeable women, These women are pretty and intelligent, confident in their hearts and charm. Another point I like fake Tiffany T bracelet is that it belongs to everyone. Only about attitude, has nothing to do with age.

Tcoreplica Magazine: How would you describe your style?
Amfitheatrof: I like concise lines clothes, without cumbersome or redundant on design. I like to mix different patterns and colors in unusual ways. I am particularly focus on quality, but also the pursuit of some “Weird” details and a little surprise, it is a kind of unexpected “a stroke of genius” for me. Tiffany Jewelry is an important way you can show your style, it expresses who you are and others perception of you.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What qualities do you think are essential for you to achieve?
Amfitheatrof: Frankly, you need to be cruel to yourself. You also need plenty of energy and curiosity to be interested in new things and cutting-edge things. You should believe that you can open infinite possibilities.

Tcoreplica Magazine: What do you most appreciate in Tiffany’s design aesthetics?
Amfitheatrof: The Tiffany company always has great creator and dreamer since its inception. They have continued to break the boundaries of design, and open new possibilities. Such ideas and practices are closely connected with company founder Charles. He had laid the foundation of the company when others didn’t know the design concept, he is undoubtedly the trailbreaker and adventurer. In Tiffany company, today we still continue with his courage, vision and spirit. We get rid of the shackles of history and books, have unlimited freedom in design. Therefore, we constantly create rules and constantly break the rules we have created.

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18k gold fake Tiffany T jewelry

Tcoreplica Magazine: Why did you choose Tiffany T as the first design series after you joined Tiffany, what is your inspiration?
Amfitheatrof: “T” is naturally the take-off point after I joined Tiffany, is a very exciting starting point. “T” is a tribute to the brand name of Tiffany, its vertical lines and sharp edges also represent the energy and strength of the city of New York. Fake Tiffany T Series has a sense of sculpture, style is strong, has strongly associated with New York architecture. You can find a large number of New York elements in the design of replica Tiffany T pendant, New York is a field of Dreams that full of courage and innovation. In my opinion, There’s probably no place more exciting than New York.

Tcoreplica Magazine: About Tiffany T this new series, do you have any suggestions for collocation?
Amfitheatrof: Tiffany T series presents endless possibilities of modelling collocation, gives consumers a interesting self-creative space. This series provides a rich design of different size, you can combine different styles with your own way to show your explicit style and express your inner thoughts. I think the most powerful is that you can mix in different sizes and different shapes of jewelry, create a sense of contrast, realize the collision. Tiffany T ring replica used 18k rose gold, white gold and excellent tractility of 925 silver. For customers who want to embody luxurious and modern style through expensive gems, I also specially designed multiple diamond styles.