How to make face shape looks more perfect with jewelry

Not everyone has a perfect face, but it’s unfair that some people’s face is always so delicate and beautiful. It’s not necessary to do cosmetic surgery even though your face shape looks not good. Sometimes it can be improved through Tiffany and co replica jewelry. You can look at the fashion actress who is how to circumvent some taboos of collocation.

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The taboos of round face and oval face: avoid wearing round tiffany earrings.
Round & Oval faces are very good face shape. The main feature of this kind of face shape people is rounded chin, so they should avoid wearing fake tiffany 1837 circle earrings. As a typical oval face, Jennifer Lawrence almost did not wear round earrings, so the majority of earrings she worn are linear pattern. Because round face will cause conflict with round earrings.

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The taboos of triangular face: prohibited to wear long tiffany necklace
Though long necklace is beautiful and can match much dress, but actually this face with a pointed chin is not suitable to wear long Tiffany victoria necklace replica. Because the long chain will make this type of face shape of women looks more pointier and more longer.
Scarlett Johansson almost did not wear too long necklace that length below the chest when she attending any occasion. Because she is belonged to the actress who is slim figure and thin face, she knows how to make her face smaller.

Square face does not need to reject square gems. The beautiful woman who is a square face shape maybe thinks that they do not suitable to wear square gems. In fact, this kind of face shape people indeed is not suitable to wear geometric & square Tiffany earrings knockoff, but square stones worn on other parts have a very significant wealth effect.
Sexy goddess Angelina Jolie with an angelic face, but she never hides her face edges and corners, and even boldly wears square gems. So don’t hesitate to wear a ring with square stones.

Diamond shaped faces people have a sharp curved forehead and pointy chin. This face is not suitable for luxurious inlaid jewelry. Instead, wearing hollow jewelry can bring soft and light feeling, and it is beneficial to open the interpersonal relationship.
Jennifer Aniston is a typical diamond shaped face, and her smile opened the career path, and helps her to find the most suitable comedy type. She rarely wears bright fake Tiffany jewellery,but hollow jewelry made her more charming.


A grand star-studded Tiffany jewelry ceremony

With unlimited inspiration of “nature” as the theme, Tiffany & Co. “ode of nature” grand ceremony held in Beijing Phoenix media center tonight. Scene presents the natural scenery of Central Park in New York, advanced jewelry on display is dazzling, superb performances reflect the luxury of jewelry. Tonight is a star-studded grand meeting, Gao Yuanyuan, Michelle Yeoh, Sandra Ng, and Peter Chan, Greater China President Mr. Laurent Cathala, as well as design director Ms. Francesca Amfitheatrof were present at the event.
The classical courtyard iron gate, green grass with flowers, attends the event just like come to the New York Central Park. Since 178 years, nature is not only the extraordinary design inspiration of tiffany and co replica jewelry, also give Tiffany most precious and gorgeous gift – diamond and coloured gems.

Gao Yuanyuan attended the Tiffany celebration

Gao Yuanyuan attended the Tiffany celebration

The debut of Gao Yuanyuan as if a gust of wind blowing, she seems to be in a good mood after marriage. She wearing Stella McCartney black V dress with Tiffany victoria necklace replica and yellow diamond ring, not only embodies the noble and elegant but also show the playfulne and sweet of a small woman.

Zhang Zilin attended the Tiffany celebration

Zhang Zilin attended the Tiffany celebration

The champion of Miss world, Zhang Zilin recently appeared in a love TV show for her friend Liu Wen, her perfect figure curve and excellent temperament are amazing. At this event she wearing purple V long dress with value 60 million Tiffany & Co Morgan Stone Necklace, as well as diamond fake Tiffany victoria earrings, looks full of amorous feelings and noble temperament.

Peter Chan & Sandra Ng attended the Tiffany celebration

Peter Chan & Sandra Ng attended the Tiffany celebration

Peter Chan and Sandra Ng hand in hand appear every time, their sweet and free and easy often envy others. No wonder someone says, Sandra Ng is always the most beautiful on the red carpet as long as Peter Chan beside her. Their love lasted for nearly twenty years, without traditional rituals and weddings, but their inside still has a firm commitment, this is also the expression of Tiffany for modern love. Attend this grand ceremony, Sandra Ng wearing Tiffany Diamond Butterfly Brooch that was inspired by antique collection, the brooch is the symbol of a beautiful love.

Heard about that Ning Zetao is likely to miss the ceremony because of other matters. Fortunately, he ruled out thousands of difficult resistance came here, let us see his handsome face and perfect body. Dressed in a white suit, and wearing Pisces Brooch and Tiffany atlas replica bracelet, Ning Zetao captured the hearts of thousands of girls, he is the most handsome man in the world.

Francesca Amfitheatrof attended the Tiffany celebration

Francesca Amfitheatrof attended the Tiffany celebration in Beijing

This is Tiffany design director Francesca Amfitheatrof first time came to China, she wearing a white and black suit, shows her capable and experienced. Of course, she brings her first design work fake Tiffany T series, this work contains the women’s spirit of independence and freedom. 18k gold replica Tiffany T bracelet and Tiffany T rings worn on her body corresponds with her dress. As the leading role of the party, she elaborated her design ideas to the guests, and shows her latest designs. At the same time, she said that China is a country with a profound culture, she will integrate more Chinese elements to the design, and design a special style for Chinese customers.